January 8, 1976 was the day. That makes today my 40th birthday!  Yayyyy! 🎉 I have say, I’m pretty geeked about 40 and what’s to come. It does have me pretty nostalgic about “ye olden days”, however. As I was playing around on Pinterest the other day, I came across a board FULL of the very best of the 80’s and 90’s. If you’ve been on Pinterest, then you know that once you dive down that rabbit hole your day is shot to hell. And so it was. Delightfully so. The number one thing I miss?   

Cassette mixtapes. Seriously. Do you know the amount of hard work that went in to recording songs onto a cassette tape? Especially if it was for someone spesh. You picked your songs, and the order, and (most importantly) a cassette with the appropriate amount of minutes so that it wouldn’t cut off your song (usually 60/90/120)  

 Ahhh, bliss!  I wish so hard that I had kept all of mine. Hindsight is 20/20 ya know? I mean, I have vinyl…but a curated cassette was next level. In fact, that would be the most perfect 40th bday gift. Make me a tape and we for sure go together. LOL! Oh, and be sure to write all the songs out on the cassette cover in your best handwriting!

I decided to make a mix on Spotify of my faves from my teenage years. Of course they’re all sappy love songs. Duh. The link is HERE, and true to form I’m gonna type them out for you.  Please, please do share yours with me too!  It’s my birthday afterall. 🎉🎉  Xxoo! 

80’s/90’s Teenage Love Mixtape 
Still in Love-Troop
I’m leaving you again- New Edition
All I do is think of You-Troop
Come & Talk to Me- Jodeci
Breakin My
Heart-Mint Condition 
Alone W/ You-Tevin Campbell
Tender Love-Force MD’s
Ooh This Love is So- Al B Sure
For the Love of You-Tony Toni Tone
I Wanna Be Your Man-ZAPP
I Care-Tony Toni Tone

Roni-Bobby Brown
Teenage Love-Slick Rick
Don’t You Know-Heavy D 
Love You Down- RFTW
If You’re Serious-RIFF
How Deep is Your Love-Keith Sweat
Me and You-Tony Toni Tone
Love You Down-RFTW
Fairytale Lover-UTFO
Quality Time-Hi Five 
Can we Talk- Tevin Campbell 
I Need Love-LL Cool J
Juicy Fruit-Mtume


Happy 2016

It began like this…

an Americano, served in a pint glass complete with cup sleeve, so I don’t burn the skin off my hand. Genius. I needed this. Thanks Outpost! ☕️ And later….I was ecstatic that after two years away from my beloved Bedstuy, I was so fortunate to return to a new year, filled to the brim with old faces and new, at my beautiful friend Ryan’s annual New Year’s Day get together.  Though I was present for the first two…I missed the last two. Total full circle. So full of love!  Kinfolk-esque indeed, and plenty of good vibes.  

 May 2016 bring you every great thing abundantly. ✨❤️

monday meditation 

evanescence ~the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight.  

These days, it seems I’m constantly reminded of what a fleeting moment life really is. Even at it’s absolute toughest. It is but a moment. (remember that)

I came outside yesterday morning to find the poinsettia on my Mom’s porch had gathered the most gorgeous drops of morning dew. Not the first time I’ve ever seen dew but I really noticed it this time and ran to grab my camera. I got in a shot or two and just like that it was gone.

Life metaphors. ✨

Pom, pom, pom, pom!

Mmmm…POM!   I love pomegranate, ever since my old roommate, Yana, introduced me to them several years ago. Couldn’t fathom enjoying a fruit where I’m only eating the seeds but oh darling…that’s where the magic is!  Besides being delish, they’re a fantastic source of vitamins & minerals and help protect against many cancers. Yeah, it’s a superfood. It’s also super messy to harvest those juicy pearls of pom. Messy hands, messy counter, rinsing the membrane…ugh. Luckily for me (and you) I found a a way around it. All you need is, a knife, a large bowl, a big spoon, and of course, a pomegranate. You’ll also need to watch the video below…it’ll change your life if you love pomegranate, but hate the de-seeding mess. This I promise, as I’m currently sitting pretty enjoying my bowl of seeds, mess free! Bon appetit! 

monday mindfulness 

All weekend long I experienced constant synchronistic moments at every turn. From consistently hearing the same old school song playing wherever I roamed, to looking up and always seeing that the time was 11:11….every day!  It was, well…magical!  One of my favorite reminders came in the form of street art.  A gentle nudge to stay present, mindful, and most importantly protective of my energy…my magic! 

Protect YOUR magic, always & all ways.    Pay attention. 💛✨

a little bird told me…

This little guy sits outside the embankment by the window of my friend’s apartment. He fell out of the nest with his Mom & siblings.  He’s having a bit of a struggle thinking he can’t fly. His Mom flies over and checks on him…feeds him, comforts and seemingly coaxes him to fly. He keeps trying though, and he is SO close! He doesn’t quite realize that those wings are there to ensure he can soar if he believes it to be so.  The metaphorical life lesson here is uncanny. What we think is holding us back often isn’t. 

Fly. Today. 💛✨