Nomadic Sundays 

Sunday fun days are my favorite days! Despite the unreasonable weather yesterday in The District (read: ICE. Lots of it…everywhere, falling from the sky.) I was determined to go out to one of my fave vintage stores–Nomad Yard Collective–for a book club meeting of the minds.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist an impromptu photoshoot featuring the 1960’s clutch I’m currently coveting! I believe in manifesting your desires. The dress on the left needs to come with me too….and the red boots! 🙈

Nomad Yard is total world vintage. Most everything is for sale and the place is beautifully curated, by shop owner the lovely and stylish Desiree Venn Frederic. Clothing, home goods, art, tchotchkes…and knowledge.  Everything you didn’t even know you needed. I die. I wanna live there!  Listen, if you’re in DC…go ye therefore. 💛


Nomad Yard Collective –411 New York Avenue NE, DC.  (IG: @nomadyard)

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