Time After Time

I’m a bit obsessed with vintage. Vintage home decor, vintage cars, and of course vintage clothes and accessories are faves. On a recent trip to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia, I was out exploring my neighborhood and happened upon this!!

A 60’s vintage Airstream! I was beside myself with pure joy. It’s a quiet neighborhood so I did get some strange looks as I whipped out my iPhone, AND my film camera (vintage of course!) and stood there snapping away in the middle of the street…but whatevs. Look at this thing! That’s a vintage 70’s Trans Am directly behind it. I mean…did I happen upon a portal?

These vintage trailers always bring my back to the first time I fell in love with them.  It was 1983, on MTV, in Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time video.

Perhaps, you need a memory refresher on the vintage awesomeness that was this video…travel back in time with me, below. 💛 

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