Lick & Lather

One of my favorite art exhibits is currently on view at the Hirsshorn Museum in Washington, DC.  

Lick & Lather (1993-94), by Janine Antoni Both are sculpted busts of the artist–one made of chocolate, the other of soap. Once Antoni cast the molds of herself, she then routinely licked the chocolate, and bathed with the soap to soften and ‘resculpt’ the features–this is the end result. Lick (the chocolate) & Lather (the soap). 

On view, 3rd Floor, in the ‘At The Hub of Things: New Views of the Collection’ exhibit. 

No, you may not lick the chocolate…it’s art…also that would be pretty gross of you. Do, however, go see it up close and in person. It’s worth it.

Self destructing art is so awesome. 

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