Wandering-Street Art Pt. 1

Wandering around town in search of amazing murals has become one of my favorite things to do, no matter what city I’m currently in. The detail and positive impact on the communities really gets my happy flowing. The warmer weather means this becomes a more regular thing…happy me, (the seeker) and happier you, (the reaper)! Here are some street art faves that are currently rocking my world:

14th and P alleyway behind Black Whiskey, Washington DC

L’Enfant Plaza station Washington, DC (artist: James Rekka)

Richmond Street Art Festival, West Cary Street, Richmond VA

”Beecycles” W. Cary street Richmond VA (artist: Matt Lively)

Galli Restaurant, Rivington Street, NYC (artist: Theodore Bradley I 💛 him!!)

Legendary ‘Crack is Wack’ mural,(artist: Keith Haring) Harlem, NYC 

Tin Can Telephone 13th & Otis, Washington DC (artist: James Bullough)Liz Taylor Mural, Dacha Beer Garden, Washington, DC (artist: Byron Peck)

…more to come…

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