Schoolyard Games

“Bubblegum, Bubblegum/in a dish/ how many pieces/do you wish?” Remember? 

This was the way to choose who was going to be “IT” in a game of tag or whatnot. While it is true that I played this version…on my–more urban side of town–we added a little more flava: 

”Itchy Gitchy ice cream/Itchy gitchy out!!” (Shoutout to Richmond Public Schools and Anthony for helping me remember!) 

Ahhh, the great childhood decision makers. They were hands down the LAW!  The next time I’m faced with who does what at work or simply in life, I’m yelling “FEET IN!”…and we are gonna hash it out the proper way….like children!! ✨💛 

Did you play these? Sound off in the comments! 

One thought on “Schoolyard Games

  1. Ahhhh the memories! But yo, I ALWAYS cheated when I was the one tapping the shoes…. I always counted the number of steps it would take to get to the person I wanted to be “IT”, lol.. And of course, I would win…..A lot…


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