Calendula Tea Tonic

Decided to put good use to the dried calendula blossoms in my cabinet. 

Calendula solar tea! So easy a caveman could do it! (And probably did!) recipe below:

Toss a 1 cup of fresh dried calendula into a jar. 

Add water to cover your blossoms a lid and shake gently.

Place the jar where it will receive full sunlight…(I chose my kitchen window)

If possible, give the mixture a couple of clockwise shakes throughout the day to mix. 

After about 5 hours…amber colored goodness! You can use (unsweetened) calendula tea on a cotton round as a face tonic, to settle an upset stomach, ease menstrual cramps, as an eyewash…the list goes on! 

It does amazing things for your skin though!  If you’re going to drink it…do strain off the blooms first…and sweeten (I used agave.)  I love DIY herbal wellness. 💛✨

*NOT to be used internally by pregnant women*

Have you experimented with making any herbal tonics?

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