This weekend was SO good! Stopped by the Nomad Yard + UrbanOutfitters  Georgetown collaboration, and got my life!  A marketplace of DC/DMV artists and makers…together…showcasing what they do best. 

Curated by Creator + Curator Desiree Venn Frederíc of Nomad Yard Collectiv.

A cornucopia local of creatives.

This screenprintend sign listing all the artists in attendance was my favorite thing. I have a thing for Muslin. 😍

Turkish Kilim! 💕💕

Vintage Jean short shorts {by Instant Vintage 78} I mean…I’ve not seen a pair of Bonjour jeans in forevs! Also I spy Wrangler cut off corduroys…I die!

“What’s cooler than being cool?” {DJ} Ayescold! 🙌🏽

Oh so good Organics! I bought the Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Bar! *swoon* You must!  

Favorite shirt by local maker Fancy Muffin. 😍

I loved the simplistic screenprinted logo on the reusable totes.Heyyy Desiree! 👋🏾 

{creator+ curator of Nomad Yard Collectiv} 

Such an awesome experience. Support the local makers…check out Nomad Yard Collectiv {411 New York Avenue NE} for more from each of these amazing creators…it’s my favorite place in DC! ✨

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